Balustrades are an important safety feature in your home or office environment. Every set of stairs with more than five risers needs a balustrade. The handrail needs to be at least one meter off the ground and if there are any gaps within the structure a 100mm diameter ball should not be able to pass through according to building regulations in South Africa.

At Alu-King we have created numerous balustrade designs that meet these specifications but which also add to the aesthetic appeal of your structure. Our team have over the years created a wide variety of appealing designs and manufactured them in our purpose built facility.

When it comes to safety we don’t play around, but we also recognise that safety does not need to detract from beauty, so our aluminum balustrade designs sometimes incorporate the latest home and office decor trends so that you can be assured that safety doesn’t compromise beauty.

We suggest that you look at our designs on this website to get some idea of the options available or feel free to give us a call to discuss your specific needs. You’ll be surprised to see how cost effective and efficient our service is.

Alu-King have been building balustrades for over 40 years now and we pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality.

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