DSC01702Conservatories are a wonderful way to extend your home and allow you to bring the outside area into your home. South Africans, with their love of outdoor life, can now cost effectively extend their living and entertainment areas.

Imagine soaking up the winter sun, enjoying those family braai’s and being able to invite your friends into the warmth of your home on those chilly winter weekends.

Conservatories were very popular in European countries as far back as the sixteenth century. Initially they were created as greenhouses, but in a blue sky country like South Africa, DSC01701conservatories have become very popular for opening up a home to more light and warmth and allowing the occupants greater versatility.

Alu-King clients have built conservatories for different reasons. Most do so to allow in extra light or warmth. For instance south facing homes, which tend to be cooler in the southern hemisphere, can benefit from the addition of a conservatory to the north side of the home to catch the winter rays. Sometimes a south facing conservatory can be a cooler option in the harsh summer season. When designing a conservatory, careful planning and great advice are essential to ensuring you get the outcome you envisage.

Badly planned or badly manufactured structures can create years of frustration and problems. We don’t want you to suffer these consequences, so please give us a call and let us discuss your needs and budget and tailor a solution that you will be proud of and that will add value to your home.

We’re experts in:

  • Awnings – aluminium, fixed and retractable
  • Conservatories – aluminium and glass
  • Folding doors – aluminium, in a range of finishes
  • Patio covers – aluminium, polycarbonate, polyethylene ‘eco’ sheet
  • Patio enclosures – aluminium and glass
  • Skylights – standard and custom-made domed, pyramid, and tubular – and flat roof windows
  • Sun louvers – aluminium