Patio Enclosure | East London

Patio enclosures are an essential way to protect our homes from the outdoor elements and greatly enhance the use of our homes. Protection from wind and rain in the coastal areas is essential for full enjoyment of ones homes.

At Alu-King we have extensive experience in creating beautiful and adaptable structures to  help you extend the use of your patio areas. We really want you to be able to enjoy your home to maximum effect. From the provision of patio roofs, patio awnings or adding patio covers we really are the experts and we have a solution that will match your budget.

Solutions may include complete or partial enclosures, the addition of stack away doors, or the provision of aluminum patio doors. But whatever we propose, you can be assured that our workmanship is top notch and carries our personal guarantee.

When extending or enclosing your patio area, you need to be very careful about the aesthetic appeal as this can affect your property value as well. At Alu-King we can bring years of experience to your decision about how your patio enclosure should look and how it can enhance your home.

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We’re experts in:

  • Awnings – aluminium, fixed and retractable
  • Conservatories – aluminium and glass
  • Folding doors – aluminium, in a range of finishes
  • Patio covers – aluminium, polycarbonate, polyethylene ‘eco’ sheet
  • Patio enclosures – aluminium and glass
  • Skylights – standard and custom-made domed, pyramid, and tubular – and flat roof windows
  • Sun louvers – aluminium